Laravel CSRF token mismatch for ajax Request

The CSRF token mismatch error is occurred when you are trying to access you Laravel API routes or URL using ajax without passing CSRF token. Read more

Redirect using JavaScript/jQuery

Redirect using JavaScript/jQuery with href and replace. There are multiple ways to redirect users to one page from another page. Among all... Read more

Change Background Color using JQuery

change background color jquery
Change background color using jQuery creates a good impression on the user using events. Like, as Hover, Click and Scroll. Read more

How to trigger a click using jQuery?

trigger click jQuery
Bind an event handler to the "click" JavaScript event, or trigger a click that event on an element without any user interaction using jquery. Read more

How to check if checkbox is checked in jQuery?

checkbox is checked
There are many ways to check if a checkbox is checked or not, like using prop, selector, is method, attribute and many more. Read more

How to select an element by name using jQuery?

element by name
Selecting the element by name using jQuery is to select some elements and do something with them. It works with the attribute of the element. Read more

How to check if the element is visible or hidden using jQuery?

element is visible
jQuery provides "visible" selector which can be used to check the visibility of the element. We can check if the element is visible or hidden. Read more

How to use setTimeout function in jQuery actions?

setTimeout function
settimeout function is used to set an interval for events in jQuery. It generally calls a function or expression after a specified time delay. Read more

How to use jQuery Ajax Request/Method?

JQuery Ajax Method
JQuery Ajax Method is used to perform an asynchronous HTTP (Ajax) request. It provides a few different methods to perform AJAX calls and more. Read more

How jquery each() function works?

$.each() works for objects and arrays both. the arrays are iterated by numeric indexes whereas objects by their named properties. Read more