How to Set up Laravel Amazon S3 File Upload?

Setting the AWS S3 bucket for files upload in laravel using filesystem ( File/Storage Facades) with detailed description and modified/renamed uploaded file name. Read more

How to get all the pre-defined functions list in PHP?

pre defined-php-functions-list
It will return a multidimensional array containing a list of all pre-defined functions list, both built-in (internal) and user-defined. Read more

How to get all the pre-defined constants list in PHP?

pre defined-php-constants-list
It will return an associative array with the names of all the constants and their values. Read more

How to Disable Theme ( and Plugin ) Editor from WordPress Dashboard?

Disable Theme and plugin file editor options from the dashboard to prevent editing in website files. Read more

How to Disable Auto Update for WordPress?

Disable WordPress auto-update, theme update, and plugin update using code, without using plugins. Read more

Eloquent Self Referential Relationship in Laravel?

To get the relationship from same table eloquent model with parent and child relations ship. Here is an example for menus which has parent asn child relationship. <?php namespace App; use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model; class Category extends Model { // fillable protected... Read more

How to Retrieve validation Error Messages in Laravel View/Blade file?

Laravel makes working with your error messages an extremely easy using a simple error collector class. The error collector has several simple functions for retrieving your messages. So, in our example, the user will be redirected to our controller’s method... Read more

How to validate Request data in Laravel?

Laravel provides several different approaches to validate your application’s incoming data. It is most common to use the┬ávalidate method available on all incoming HTTP requests. There are multiple ways to vaidate the incoming Request data in Laravel. The beast part... Read more

On Demand Laravel Storage Disk Configuration

Set up on-demand storage disk configuration or custom configuration of the storage disk directly in code instead of getting them from config. Read more

How to switch Linux PHP version, ubuntu

linux php version switch
Switching between required PHP version among multiple PHP installed on system in linux ubuntu with respect to the application requirements. Read more