XAMPP Error: MySQL shutdown unexpectedly. Attempting to start…

There are many reasons the XAMPP MySQL shutdown unexpectedly or failed to start but in my case, I have multiple XAMPP installed on my computer due to the dependencies and requirements of the project for different versions of PHP versions.
I have tried many solutions for the fix, but I have found the below one that works for me.

Due to the multiple XAMPP and their MySQL’s installed, one of the MySQL services for a particular XAMPP cannot start by itself while activating it using the XAMPP dashboard. Everything you need to do is run this service manually. For that, make sure the mysqld.exe is not running. Follow the steps below to perform this:

  • Go to Task Manager > Processes Tab
  • Try to find the mysqld.exe
  • Right-click on it and End Task

Now you have to start the MySQL service manually using the following steps:

  • Open your Command prompt or Windows Power Shell and open the services lists by typing the services.msc command OR you can start it from the XAMPP Control Panel Services button.
  • Try to find mysql and right-click and run it.

Now, you can open and check your PHPMyAdmin in your browser.

You can check the detail about the mysql shutdown unexpectedly issue here.
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