Laravel 9.27 Released

Laravel 9.27 Released

Laravel 9.27 released with DatabaseBatchRepository getter and setter methods. There are some minor fixes releases, like non-backed enums, nested array validation rule, and event listeners registering callback. Let’s check these updates in detail here:

1. DatabaseBatchRepository class getter and setter methods for connection:

Abrar Ahmad contributed to Adding support for Laravel job batches which are temporarily replacing BatchRepository connection with correct tenant connection and then reverting it back when exiting the tenant context.


$batchRepositoryReflection = new ReflectionClass($batchRepository);
$connectionProperty        = $batchRepositoryReflection->getProperty('connection');
$connection = $connectionProperty->getValue($batchRepository);

$this->previousConnection = $connection;

$connectionProperty->setValue($batchRepository, DB::connection('tenant'));


$this->previousConnection = $batchRepository->getConnection();

Source File Edits: src/Illuminate/Bus/DatabaseBatchRepository.php

  • setConnection
 * Set the desired connection for the batch.
 * @param  \Illuminate\Database\Connection  $connection
 * @return void
public function setConnection(Connection $connection)
    $this->connection = $connection;
  • getConnection
 * Get the underlying database connection.
 * @return \Illuminate\Database\Connection
public function getConnection()
    return $this->connection;

That is the only update comes in the Laravel 9.27 Release. But more will be coming up in future updates.

Now the list of the Laravel 9.26 Released updates:


  • Add getter and setter for connection in the DatabaseBatchRepository class (#43869)


  • Fix for potential bug with non-backed enums (#43842)
  • Patch nested array validation rule regression bug (#43897)
  • Fix registering event listeners with array callback (#43890)


  • Explicitly add column name to SQLite query in Illuminate/Database/Console/DatabaseInspectionCommand::getSqliteTableSize() (#43832)
  • Allow broadcast on demand notifications (d2b1446)
  • Make Vite::hotFile() public (#43875)
  • Prompt to create sqlite db when migrating (#43867)
  • Call prepare() on HttpException responses (#43895)
  • Make the model:prune command easier to extend (#43919)

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