Spatie Laravel Navigation in Laravel using navigation package.

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A new Laravel Navigation package has been released by Spatie. You can check the link to get access to this package for installation and its usage. Although, we can still get some idea of that package here in this tutorial too.
Laravel Navigation provides a base to create navigational elements like menus and breadcrumbs.  Laravel Navigation doesn’t do any HTML generation but it can give you the flexibility to build your own UI  for navigation trees and active state. You can use this package as a “renderless component” for navigation components:

    ->add('Home', route('home'))
    ->add('Blog', route('blog.index'), function (Section $section) {
            ->add('All posts', route('blog.index'))
            ->add('Topics', route('blog.topics.index'));
    ->addIf(Auth::user()->isAdmin(), function (Navigation $navigation) {
        $navigation->add('Admin', route('admin.index'));

A navigation object can be rendered to a tree, or to breadcrumbs. i.e. /blog/topics/laravel

// Render to tree
    { "title": "Home", "url": "/", "active": false, "children": [] },
        "title": "Blog",
        "url": "/blog",
        "active": false,
        "children": [
            { "title": "All posts", "url": "/blog", "active": false, "children": [] },
            { "title": "Topics", "url": "/blog/topics", "active": true, "children": [] }
    { "title": "Admin", "url": "/admin", "active": false, "children": [] }

This package will also help you generate breadcrumbs from navigation using the following method:

// Append additional pages in your controller
app(Navigation::class)->activeSection()->add($topic->name, route('', $topic));

// Render to breadcrumbs
    { "title": "Blog", "url": "/blog" },
    { "title": "Topics", "url": "/blog/topics" },
    { "title": "Laravel", "url": "/blog/topics/laravel" }

You can install the package via composer:

composer require spatie/laravel-navigation

The source of this article is
You can learn about the spatie laravel navigation package, installation instructions, and a detailed description on GitHub.
To get know more about the Laravel, you can check these articles too.

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